Friday, March 18, 2011

A Word from the Director: 3/18/2011

Today, Erev Purim, is the one day that the kids all want to get to school early. They get to dress out of uniform for carnival, treats, and assemblies and just have a great time in school. It is nice to watch and see that they are so excited about the Yom Tov. How many times are we too tired on Shabbos and during the week to spend time with the kids and appreciate their personalities and stories and everything about them? We all have our ideas what Purim should look be like and what we want to happen during the day. This year, Purim falls right after Shabbos so we can all get our well-needed rest so we can dedicate the day to spend with our kids. We don’t know what it means to them. Often we belittle ourselves and don’t realize that our kids want and need to spend time with us. We live in a world where kids are searching to belong and feel accepted. Often they search for that because we don’t create a home environment where they are comfortable and want to be part of. The most important thing for our kids is to have a home where they are number one. For children, they have to want to be home, to be comfortable and to know that we love them and want to spend time with them. If we raise our kids that way then when they get older, they grow up with more self confidence and have a better chance of succeeding - which is what we all want for them.

This week we opened our gym and the boys are learning how to use the various machines. We are teaching them how to be responsible and share space with others. We are teaching them the safety issues involved, and how to take care of the equipment. I try to impress upon them the amount of effort put in by members of the community, either financially or with their time, to make this happen for them.

I feel the need to publicize the unbelievable accomplishment of Avi Menter who finished Masechet Megila with Rabbi Neuberger, shlita. Avi was the driving force and with unbelievable consistency was able to accomplish this beautiful goal. We should continue with such amazing success stories.

I feel the need to emphasize this: please be available to drive your teens wherever they need to go. We don’t know if they may be under the influence even slightly and for the safety of our kids, take away the keys. If you see someone who appears to be driving in a suspicious manner, pull him over and try to deal with the situation. We all want Purim to be a fun and healthy Yom Tov for all.

Many of our boys have volunteered to help raise some funds for us to continue our programs for them by collecting on Purim. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to be involved and show a hakaras hatov and learn how to give back. Please open your hearts and help us to help our community’s teens.

Have a wonderful Shabbos and a freilechen Purim!

Rabbi Gavriel Hershoff

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